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I'm a webmaster dedicated to make usable outstanding sites, my long and winding road in web witchery begun at the university I was working for and studing in at the same time, I had already gain some experience in bussines management and public administration by that time and then started to fusion what I like to do and what I have to, digging deep into the CMS environments in the market I decided to start working with the most promissing one: Drupal v6 by that time and the journal begun. Soon some clients with different needs came and I started to use some other "closed" environments as Wordpress and so, which turned to be a kindergarden for Drupal users so I started to do some works in many platforms as requested, E-Commerce, Online Curses, Political Campaings, New product throws, Schools, Corporative sites and many more. As a freelance designer I started very young making the image for the bands I used to play in, so I was involved in CD artwork, band photography, print press, and logistics. Later I realize that I can evolve in graphics by mixing it up with web develop which really came in handy as I already managed the graphics software. A hard but great time came after university where I had to learn by myself things I need for web development that weren't offered in the carreer program such as HTML, JavaScript JQuery and CSS, so I took the challenge and here I am, a happy designloper.


Web Design

Making sites look nice and be useful at the same time is my daily job and I love it, every project has it very particular needs and a different method to approach them, I have been involved in design process under the most variant cases from websites for commercial use to personal, public, institutional, corporative websites and the list goes on, in other words I got what you need: experience, talent, and a critic eye for great design tendencies and deployment.

CMS Management

CMS Environment is a complete world to explore for web developers and designers, but in most of the cases the target is the same and the method to achieve this is very similar: Managing content for web sites in an efficient and colaborative way; so choose your favorite flavor and let's make things work better by adding functionalities, themes, layouts, content types, taxonomy design, plugins, modules, and any thing you can think of.

Web Publishing & SEO

Search engines love content, your audiency loves content and even you love content, so why do you have to stay showing the content the old way when everything on the internet is changing every day, make your publications look fresh, well structured and designed, and overall with the correct way to be found by the best friend of high traffic sites: Google. The correct display and spread of a piece of content is not caused by good luck, you have to work for it.

Social Media

Everybody shares content, having the correct strategy for social media management leads your pieces of content to reach more people that interacts with whatever you want to share if you do things right, this powerful tool for spreading content to specific public types is an advantage over competitors if you know how to make it work for your specific needs, every minute you cleaverly invest on social media will bring you back real clients.

Free Software

I'm familiar with free software distributions and solutions and feel confortable working on Linux based systems as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS and others; when a client asks for a service they need I look first on the free software community always, and that's how I have ended working with systems as: Radio streming (Rivendell, IDJC, JackAudio), Data Servers (Debian, OpenSuse), Communications (Asteriks), Point of Sale (OpenBravo), Light clients for clusters.

Server Side

It's always useful to have some tricks under the hat at deploying state, I can deal good with server related software as Apache setup and configuration, PHP Data Base managers, PHP Mailers, Video and Audio streaming servers, Radio streaming installation and setup, and I have become an expert making sites backups and restores, data base migration, multisites updates and setups, there's nothing with documentation I can not deploy.

Innovative, creativeI'm Asís Recendiz
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It is a site based on the necesity whe have to make images of the world arround us, it's a great example of passion for photography and web tendences, it contents photos from simple day life to professional microscopy.

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A site made for Geeks, with news, galleries, recommendations, articles and a weekly podcast recorded live every friday, an excellent content page for multiple editors and many visitors.

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Rancio Baúl

Sometimes reality is far beyond the way we think it is, the world is an strange place for every being living on it and every culture has thought they are the "normal" standard, well let's see if anyone deserves that title.

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La Caguama

A project for a popular viral site, where the visitors can find, graphical galleries, beer related articles and pictures, food & beer places and reviews, as well as they can register to upload their own places & posts.

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